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approval rating, romney favorability, and who wins on the economy. in three states, the president had a job approval rating of 49 or above. romney's unfavorable rating was higher than his favorable rating, and the president led romney on the economy. in three of those stays, iowa, ohio, new hampshire. just one state did you have the president's job approval rating 48% or over and romney winning on the issue of the economy. that's north carolina. if you look at it that way and go to the map to 270, what does that mean, and you put those four states into the respective categories, and look at. this the president for suur sho. romney a long way to go has to sweep the rest. there are five left in the background. florida, virginia, wisconsin, colorado, nevada. this is where if romney does do what chris christie said he will do, the first place you'll see it are in the five states that are left. >> ralph reed, that's a lot of movement that has to take place to overcome where the campaign is. yet you heard chris christie say it this morning on the program, we'll have a new dynamic come thursday mo
% compared to 43% for mitt romney. bush gets an unfavorable rating of 49%. romney gets 50%. bush's favorables are higher than joe biden paul ryan and the republican party in general. it is well known romney's favorability numbers are lower than the president's many believe romney, mega-rich businessman, who once tied the family dog to the roof of his car, doesn't seem able to connect with a lot of ordinary voters out will but less popular than george w. bush, that's cold. for start i, romney and his campaign have done everything in their power to make americans forget about george w. bush in his eight years as president. romney avoids mentioning the form president's name. bush was nowhere to be seen at the republican convention in tampa. that's because for a lot of americans, bush's presidency brings back bad memories of the war in iraq, afghanistan, and the dismal response to the federal government to hurricane katrina, and the conditions that allowed the financial crisis of 2008 to happen, on and on. it is a long list. a few months ago, a cnn poll found bush is the least popular living ex-p
fox news he and mitt romney want a 20% cut in all income tax rates but ryan failed to provide details. >>> the associated press says if the election were held today, mitt romney would win 23 states, president obama would win the rest capturing 271 electoral votes. >>> hugo chavez, the president of venezuela is facing re-election with voting to be held next sunday, october 7th. chavez told an interviewer that if he were an american, he would vote for president obama over mitt romney. >>> music magazine has ranked the ten best presidents since 1900. franklin d. roosevelt, president during the depression and world war ii was ranked number one. number ten was barack obama. >>> and as the supreme court starts its fall term, justice ruth bader ginsbebegin ginsburg oldest on the supreme court. you probably did not know gin gingsburg and scalia spend every new years with reach over's family welcoming in the new year. >>> and now here's a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,437. the s&p lost six. the nasdaq was down 20. taking a look at overseas trading, in toky
important. and ohio still, it's got -- that is a problem for romney that is now starting to show in the polls. although they came out yesterday saying that obama was only up by four. and had -- the rates were still very much up for grabs. romney people have to hope for that to be true. >> bret: karl, what about that? you know, even the p.p.p., a democratic leaning organization, suggesting some place like ohio is still up for grab. they had it at four. we talked a lot about these polls. and the concern about them. but your take on the battleground states and the state polls in particular. >> yeah. i think we got to approach them with a lot of skepticism. in ohio last week, we had cbs/"new york times" poll saying ten points for obama. and a columbus dispatch poll saying nine points. frank newport the head of the gallup organization had a blog posting that was revealing. he said you have to subject the state polls to the judgment of experience. he said for example, take ohio. the president won there by less than five points last time around. this time around, the poll that said he i
of this is the other series of ads, which say that he wants to reduce taxes on the rich. romney has protested that that is not true, that he wants to reduce the tax rates on the rich. but he is committed in the reform to making sure that the share of taxes paid by the rich will not change. he it said that in interviews, but he never spelled out in a speech in a way that would get attention. the meme is that he wants to cut taxes on the rich, but the policy is that he would not. he has never actually stood up and explain it in a way that would have to command response and attention. >> there actually is away. -- a way. it is not too late. true tax reform has the effect of lowering tax rates for everybody, but all these special interest groups, precious loopholes and deductions -- i am on the general public's side, i am against the interest groups in washington. if he proposes that, that is a true thing and that could work in the end. >> not to rob the obama people of credit for their advertising campaign, but let me remind you, these wounds have been self- inflicted. you want to get $10,000, r
to a few things i have had to say. take a watch. >> growth tax reform, it cuts tax rates by 20%, more take home pay for the middle class. that right there creates about 7 million jobs. >> sit enough, though? does mitt romney get it? our kudlow congress is going to come back in session and see if nick can make the break through. >>> welcome back to the kudlow report, i'm larry kudlow, in this half hour, hold your breath. if bush tax cuts are not extended, watch those popular home short sales being stopped short. that's very important, could cause a wave in foreclosures and another wave in the journey turn in housing. and if that doesn't scare you, it's the first monday in october. and the key issues this year, affirmative action, same sex action, will the john roberts supreme court continue to reshape the country in a liberal or conservative direction? that's what we need to know. 36 days remaining until the election, sometime for some tough love on tax policies. paul ryan appeared on fox news sunday to talk taxes. i thought ryan did rather well, take a listen. >> our pro growth tax reform,
poverty rates, the 23 million people struckling fggling for w it is important, people need to understand, we can get the country back on track and mitt romney offers the leadership and policies and principles that enable us to do that. >> chris: it is clear that you two, you and romney, are trailing in the polls, especially, in the key swing states, and there are a growing number of top republicans who say that romney needs a clear victory. not a wash, a clear victory on wednesday, or else, the donations will dry up and so will the grassroots support. >> first of all, the polls are close. this is going to be a close race an -- >> but you are trailing. >> we are running against an incumbent president and running against and in become kent president with incredible resources, but, more importantly, i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. look, president obama is a very gifted speaker. the man has been on the national stage for many years. he's an experienced debater and has done these kinds of debates before and this is mitt's first time on this kind of a stage...
operation and time and again whether it is obama's approval rating or hitting obama up against romney, time and again consistently, they've shown obama doing well. fox has been in the corner not knowing what to do. this has gone on all year. they bury the polls and look for the silver linings but now it is incredibly embarrassing because they're telling all of the viewers, none of the polls can be trusted and -- >> stephanie: i can't blame them. >> how would you like to be the head of polling at fox news and -- >> stephanie: i have more bad news. >> telling the viewers you're a schmuck and you don't know what you're doing. >> stephanie: i can't wait for election night. it turns out everything we've been saying is -- do not believe us. >> bouquet of flowers as an apology. >> they have to. poor karl rove will be tearing his hair out if he had any left. >> stephanie: eric boehlert remains in the side sidecar. we continue with the right-wing world right after the commercials. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller s
't know how mitt romney proposes to lower the corporate rate to 20%, 25%, i forget which one, because they haven't identified the loopholes. >> but that's linchpin of the whole campaign is around taxes, is around lowering taxes and is around -- >> actually, it's not. actually, it's not because if you remember, andrew, in his convention speech, he didn't especially mention his individual tax cut. and he went out on the road last week and said by the way, i'm going to cut tax rates, but don't expect a big tax cut because i'm going to take away deductions. so romney in fact and i've talked to romney's strategists about this, they know that voters don't actually believe that you're going to have a big net tax cut for anybody. it's not credible. >> the linchpin of the entire plan is to raise taxes on people 250 or above, which does nothing for the definite sit, does nothing with entitlements. not only are you not talking details, all you have is raising tax on people that have money and talking about nothing else. >> the distinction is that the romney campaign is saying we're not going to
republicans have questioned whether mitt romney has been specific about his ideas. here's paul ryan on fox news sunday. >> lowering tax rates by broadening the tax base works. and you can -- >> but i have to -- you haven't given me the math. >> i don't have the time -- it would take me too long to go through all of the math. let me say it this way, you can lower tax rates by 20% across the board, by closing loopholes and still have preferences for the middle class for things like charitable deductions for home purchases, for health care. >> where is the math? and is mitt romney going to be under pressure in this debate to produce the specifics as to how it will all add up? >> well, andrea, first that's a laughable question. where's the president's plan? he's had four years, 23 million people don't have work. so let's start with that. >> the question was asked by -- the question was asked by chris wallace on fox, being asked by other republicans, where is the math, how do you add up those tax cuts, even eliminating some deductions, which deductions would you eliminate, let's be specific and
center figured out the following. if you cut the tax rates on the top 1% by 20% as mitt romney has proposed and you close all of their loopholes to try to make up the difference, there's just not enough revenue in all of those loophole closures to pay for the cut in the tax rates. i think i just explained that in about 15 seconds. it's not that complicated. you just don't have the revenues in the loophole closures to pay for the cuts in the tax rates and paul ryan knows that. what he's doing here i find frankly quite nefarious which is to coop fuse the voting public. we need more clarity on these issues and we're getting a lot more confusion. >> jared, are you saying it's not a question of being incapable of explaining the mathematical e quition he appears to have stumbled on, it's more he's intentionally not telling us because if he did tell us, if he did tell us, for example, the deductions he might choose to close, mortgage interest, employer health care, and so on, if he chose to tell us that, well, people would not vote for him. >> well, in a way it's a little worse than that
to polls. pew has a new report out today not on obama or romney but on public opinion surveys. and the response rate has gone from 36% in 1997 down to 9% in 2012. >> right. >> contact rate is down from 90 to 62%. cooperation rate down 43 to 14%. what is the best way to determine today, to gauge how well either of the candidates are doing when the numbers are so poor? >> well, yeah. the response rates have been an ongoing problem. to a large extent, survey organizations and pollsters spent a lot of time trying to deal with that and have done an effective job as far as we can -- at least on average. as you know, the results of different polling organizations differ quite a lot. some are producing numbers that make the race look closer than others and others show a substantial almost double-digit lead. what polling organizations do makes a difference, yes. what you want to do is sort of look at what the average looks like. that gives you some sense. maybe not the best way to do it but gives you a better sense than looking at any one particular polling organization. >> thank you v
tax rates were slight lower in 1 '64, '63 and 2004. and mitt romney said college costs have risen 25% under the democrats that is not entirely true. college tuition for two year ands sup 23% but according to the education department when adjusted for inflation tuition is up 7 to 8% overall. >>> criminals who were sentenced to prison for life in california when they were juveniles could get a second chance thanks to a bill signed by governor brown today. more than 300 inmates are serving life without parole for murders they committed as teenagers. brown says the bill would allow inmates to ask judges to reconsider their sentences after they serve at least 15 years. judges could then reduce the no-parole sentence to 25 years to life if the inmate shows remorse and is taking steps toward rehabilitation. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's revealing some long-held secrets in his new autobiography. the book is called "total recall, my unbelievably true life story" and it comes out tomorrow. the associated press bought a copy and said not only did he keep secret that he feared a child with the hou
romney calls for the lowering of individual rates across the board and the elimination and reduction of existing tax exemptions. on the other hand, some democrats have called for continuing the bush tax come content bush tax cuts. what a thing can actually grow the economy and reduce the deficit? >> what is good for the country, mr. powell, is that we need to -- we need to create jobs. that is how we get going again and that is how we get more tax revenues to the federal government to help manage down that debt. so we don't want to raise taxes, but we actually want to reform taxes. we want comprehensive reform and we want a corporate tax rate that is the least competitive in the industrialized world. they are looking to locate or relocate -- it is not always attractive. we need to make sure that we change that peculiarity in tax law which forces american-based, multinationals that mr. powell does not like, i think that we need to make sure they don't pay taxes twice if they are operating abroad. and he would suggest that perhaps that is giving them a tax break. what is happening is t
the debates could be turning point that campaign is hoping for. republican governor chris predicted romney could after a strong showing at wednesday's debate. >> i have confidence that we be shaking our heads saying it's a brand new rates. >> president obama is holding prep in nevada, working his answers short and concise. >> this is the man who killed laden, and the pastor relax. run it keeps hammering president obama's foreign policy. for a new strategy the middle east, saying the obama administration has been at rather than events -- shaping them. >> after three months almost, u.s. supreme court returned to work today. u.s. supreme court returned to work today. david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland.d. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that cld have created good jobs and... beer schools for us. question seven
for people. >> when you think of the fact that the economy is not -- has not recovered at the rate we'd like, as quickly as we'd like, and that was going to be romney's issue and according to the polls, he and the president is tied here, what can he do, megan, as a republican? if he was watching, what could he do on wednesday night that could give him the edge back on the economy? that was going to be his issue. >> there's a lot of ammo out there right now. if i were governor romney i would start talking about libya, the terrorist attack that jay carney will say but the president will not say has happened. the deficit is over 16%. that's the types of things i would start doing and on their brass tax facts that they can be using and we're making it vague and all of the things that we have in common as republicans with president obama but we do not. >> well, i mean -- look, debates are not just about landing punches. real people look at debates and say, what kind of a person are you? what kind of leader are you? what kind of person are you? if he doesn't communicate what kind of he person he i
of mitt romney would offend 70%. [laughter] john: you may not explicitly or implicitly asked for sex. john: then how do you get there? [laughter] is it automatically rate? >> these policies are not well thought out. this is what you get to with bureaucracies. john: we will not use the overheard freshman. >> we want gender inclusive? >> does that mean frosh? >> first year. >> it is frequent. public and private have speech codes that violate the constitution like unc or private school would if it was public. john: the school says they study your complaints? >> that is the standard issue like you could balance against your own concern. sometimes used to then they backed down. >> whenever we cord new lawsuits against the red light speech code it is struck down by the court. john: north carolina state state, down the road eric was a residential adviser their meaning you live in the dorm helping with the younger students. >> help them to get moved in, settled in charge of policy enforcement. >> you had to put up a civility code? >> it was on a refrigerator magnet and had to put it on every refr
guideposts but no incumbent has been elected with an unemployment rate over 8% and barack obama's on track to get re-elected. things are true until they're not true anymore. >> i think that mitt romney's challenge is enormous. but doable, his people believe, if he can come off as a credible alternative, someone people can live with for four years. because we live with our president. and that makes it such a personal choice. chris: scoops and predictions [ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. chris: welcome back. tell me something i don't know. >> romney's campaign spent millions of dollars running these welfare ads that were dishonest but had a chance of really hurting the president with white workin
factor here. the unemployment rate is a little bit higher than it is in the state-wide unemployment rate. and when they want to hear from the president and frankly from governor romney is how they can turn everything around. they want to hear how the country is going to be better in the next four years. most of them have talked about looking forward not looking back. i think both candidates probably could take some pointers from those folks. you're going to hear a lot of them on special report tonight. jenna: just really quick here, bret how specific do they want each candidate to get. we hear back and forth, they want real specifics, no they want great personality and leadership, the specifics are not that important. what are you hearing from voters. >> the people we talked to pretty much across the board were pretty much into the weeds on both sides. they wanted to know what exactly was going to happen, how it was going to affect them and how either person was going to turn the country around. the obama supporters say give the president more time, he hasn't had enough time to turn it a
took office. the 15th highest foreclosure rate in the nation, one in 894. and mitt romney has visited three times as many as the president. the population fairly small state 1.3 million. electoral votes 4 out of 270 may not seem like a lot, but in 2000 if al gore had won new hampshire there would have been no hanging chad. the democratic governor and major tourism and agriculturement here is the latest real clear politics average of polls. there is a 3-point difference between the president and mitt romney with president obama on top. we have the senior reporter from the telegraph newspaper joining us from new hampshire. folks in your faith are fiercely independent. anyway to gauge how the independent-minded folks are leaning. >> new hampshire's independent population makes up 40% of the election threat. by far they are the biggest and the holy grail for winning new hampshire's four electoral votes. in the last several weeks we've seen mitt romney support among indianas saga bit. indianas are fiscally conservative and socially moderate. emphasizing the debt and the deficit is very imp
of the election. groups can this part of the city in terms of the dream act. it would allow in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants. they would have to prove they or their parents paid state taxes. some say there would be a burden on the state. >> president obama and mitt romney are getting some practice before going head-to-head on wednesday in the first presidential debate. hallie jackson has more. good morning. >> both candidates are taking these few days to lower expectations. they're talking up the other guy. >> governor romney is a good debater. i'm just ok. >> and so it continues, setting expectations. >> i think people should expect mitt romney will come in very prepared. >> president obama is a gifted speaker. >> paul ryan downplayed how much this debate may mean to the campaign. >> the campaign has not had a good two weeks. it changes on wednesday night. >> both sides are promising a substantive look on at once the night. a night that will focus on domestic policy. >> we will say where we are as a country and where we need to go. >> john mccain cautioned don't expect any major
romney according to some political analysts will continue to hammer away at that 8% unemployment rate and like the stagnant nature of our economy. >> and he should. the problem is mitt romney saying these things. and it's not just about the 47% that was mentioned in that speech. you have to remember, he also talked about if i was perhaps latino, it would be easier for me, i would be winning this thing already. he said a bunch of other things in that video that this is going to undermine his ability to really attack the president on domestic policies and seen as believable. because we saw mitt romney talking in private about how he really feels. so what he says on stage is going to sound hollow because we saw him behind the scenes. and that's his greatest obstacle about the whole video. it's not about the numbers and trying to break it down, it's the sentiment behind the entire video which was condescending, which came from a place of elitism. >> okay. he just misspoke. >> no, i think, carol, he makes a good point. that's going to be very difficult for romney to readdress that 47%. on
they will reduce taxes we cannot have the highest corporate tax rates and expect businesses to flop to america or per regulation and expect businesses to flop to america. >>imus: what on the tax thing when mitt romney said last week i will lower taxes but it is not what it seems, i will take away a lot did yous and exemptions and people thought, well, maybe you are not all we thought you were, and he got in trouble >>guest: we are competeing. our businesses are competing with businesses around the world. we have to look at what are the canadian taxes? the european taxes? the tacks in -- tax in vietnam in when you shop you do fault say i will only buy that if it is made in america. if we want our economies to succeed they have to compete with vietnam companies. >>neil: but if he is saying that i am going to lower taxes but it may not be what it appears because i will take away breaks which is fine for simplified tax code, et cetera, does he risk alienating a base that did not trust him? that he was serious about the big reagan-like cut in taxes. >>guest: my discussions is he understands we are
in the polls. the romney camp plays down expectations for next week's debate. some predictions. welcome to "the willis report." but, everybody. i'm lori rothman in for gerri willis perry the recovery is flat lining. the jobless rate has been about 8% for more than three years. but president obama is getting a well timed bump care of the labor department. bystanders showing more jobs have now been created and lost since the president took office. does this hurt mitt romney's argument? let's ask former republican governor mike huckabee of arkansas. it is wonderful to have you. >> great to be here. lori: what do you think of this jobs revision? it seems to be a nice boost for obama. >> if he is looking for anything, this is the lifeline he has. the fact is, of the jobs that have been created are jobs that are being created at a much lower pay scale than the jobs that people lost. some 30% lower. the fact that people have got a job does not necessarily mean they're better off. the key thing is that median household income is down by more than $3,000. that is the real issue. lori: median incomes, ta
not delivered that message. david: you're a the past the romney campaign so -- >> i'm not part of the message deliverers. david: when you suggest that you guys are not pushing this hard enough in the right way, saying that you are for lowering tax rates 20% across the board and you have to deliver that message harder what do they say? >> well i shouldn't talk about my conversations with people in the campaign but i think --. david: you can with us. just you and me here. >> but i think it rice little is important for them to, in these last weeks to get across the notion that reducing tax rates and improving corporate tax competitiveness, that, those are things that can help the economy. i don't see anything in the obama campaign that will help the economy. he has a debate, they have a debate on concerns wednesday. do you think that he should begin the debate by focusing on his tax plan? >> wiser political people than i will have to make that call but i would certainly think it would be an opportunity to explain to the public that cutting taxes is a way of encouraging people to invest, to expan
if you're looking for hard numbers and firm details in the romney/ryan tax plan, doesn't look like you're going to get them from the vice presidential nominee. the republicans claim the plan will lower all individual tax rates by 20%, and they're going to pay for them by targeting deductions and loopholes for top earners. but, listen to what happened when chris wallace of fox news pressed ryan for hard numbers. >> there's been a traditional democratic and republican consensus, lowering tax rates by broadening the tax base works. and you can -- >> but let me just ask you, you haven't given me the math. >> well, i don't have the -- it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >> all right the tax policies center in washington has studied the romney/ryan tax plan. they concluded that a tax cut of that size simply will not work without adding a tax burden on the middle class for increasing the deficit. looks like we're going to have a rainy start to the week for much of the nation. quick check of the weather from rob marciano in atlanta. >> hi, john. storms across the southeast
want them to confess to. that study has been discredited. it wasn't even a measure of mitt romney's policy. here is what we are saying? >> chris: how much would it cost? >> it is revenue neutral. >> chris: we will get to the deductions but the cut in tax rates. >> it is revenue neutral. >> chris: it is not unless you take away the did he ductions. >> that is where i am going. >> chris: we will get to that in a second. the first half lowering the tax rates does that cost $5 trillion. >> i won't get into a baseline argument with you because that is what is lot of that is about. limited deductions. start with people at the higher end. here is the way it works. i have been on the ways and means committee for 12 years. both parties, republicans and the democrats junked up the tax codes with so many give aways. we are saying you keep your money in your pocket book and your business and family in the percent place. the way it works today if you you send your money to washington. we are saying keep it in the first place. every time we have done this whether it was ronald reagan working wi
of that sound for you in a moment. romney and ryan, they are clear about this. that they would cut everyone's tax rate 20%. cut and dry, 20% rate cut. but, to protect the government's revenue stream, they would have to kill certain deductions and certain loopholes, but they won't be specific, won't say which ones those would be. here is congressman ryan, he starts by trumpeting the tax rate cut. >> lowering tax rates by broadening the tax base works. and you can -- >> but i have to -- >> no. >> but you haven't given me the math. i don't have the -- it would ta me too long to go through all the math. >> too long to go through the math, he says. but ryan did go on to hint, didn't promise, but he hinted that a romney administration would look at tax loopholes enjoyed by the wealthy. here's that. >> when you close a tax write-off or tax shelter for a higher income person, more of their income is subject to taxation so you can lower tax rates. that's where we begin. where we go is by denying those deductions and loopholes to higher income people, which allows us to lower tax rates for everybody
at the rate we're going they're going to have openings come november 7th. >>'m not up for hire, but thank you very much. great pleasure. thank you. up next, new reports say romney's advisers are divided over whether to attack president obama over libya or stay focused on the economy? this as the obama administration is still under fire over its response to the deadly attacks in libya and over secity concerns at the consulate even before the attack. former state department official joel ruben will join me live. first, there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. florida's republican party is filing an a elections fraud complaint after finding suspicious voter forms in even more counties in the state. as many as ten is the new number. the forms are tied to the strategic allied consulting, a firm hired by the republican party in that state to register voters. the firm has been fired. it has also done voter drives in colorado, nevada, north carolina and virginia. the white house says a cyber attack on its computer system never posed any threat to the classified inform
. there is a reason congress' approval rating is as low as it has ever been and there is a reason obama is breaking away in his lead over mitt romney. he worked with oil and gas companies to increase the 14-year high in oil production. he proposed bipartisan solutions on a number of things. there are certain things congress won't pass in an election year. megyn: thank you both so. up next we have big news from washington and massive layoffs across the defense industry and the layoff notices that were about to go out. megyn: defense contractor lockheed martin confirming it will back off plans to issue layoff work notices to workers days before the election in november. the company said it would be forced by law to issue the notices due to the automatic cuts to the defense spending. but then came the arguments from washington to hold off on those layoff notices. melissa francis joins knee now. she is the host of "money." so the feds contact lockheed martin and say don't issue those in the. >> these are your tax dollars at work. the labor department says we know you are supposed to send out those pink
redistribution and don't meaned low rates so long as people are taken care of. have we shifted? >> some have. my point is this, if this presidential candidate, mitt romney could put forth a program in forceful and effective way he'll address it. he's going to be up there standing next to or against obama in one form other another, a chance where people can compare them. this is his last moment. if he doesn't do it well, i would have thought he'd be 5, 10 ahead, but he has a chance to do it and this is his last chance. stuart: mort zuckerman, passionate. >> we haven't heard me say ay, yet. stuart: always a pleasure, thank you. appreciate it. medical care, expensive if you're a patient, what if you want to go to medical school? famed neuro surgeon, the best, dr. ben carson joins us next, to talk about whether becoming a doctor is still a good idea. remember when dr. carlson gave us the special anatomy level. >> and across the internal capsule into the cerebral, down the cervical-- into the spinal cord, and going out to stimulating the nerve-- . and how that feels. and how that feels. copd includes
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